food safety

the cost of food illness, recall, product spoilage and lost productivity is $17 billion annually in the United States 

Dr.Susan Brewer, University of Illinois

Consumer demand is driving global growth in the diary, beverage and food industries leading to mounting pressure on production processes.

With this demand comes an increased risk to food security.

Eirscan technologies enable processors to mitigate these risks, bolstering their bio-security controls and HACCP regimes.

what we do

 we develop technologies for bacterial and integrity screening of dairy, beverage, liquid-food and meat industry process equipment


milk spray dryers

(see case study)



cheese tables

liquid food tankers

heat exchangers

intermodial tanks

planned maintenance

emergency call-out


clean – clear – assured



Eirscan bring vast experience in HACCP control and monitoring procedures, working extensively with major dairy processors across France and Belgium. Eirscan provides increased food-safety assurance to industrial dairy and food processors through innovative technologies for the bacterial and integrity validation of process equipment, from spray dyers to silos, from milk road tankers to worldwide intermodial shipping tanks.

quality of service

Our team of site technicians and engineers deliver outstanding service to our customers. This ensures maximum peace of mind in their HACCP controls. Alongside our technologies, on-site efficiency  means that there is minimum disruption to our customers production procedures, therefore reducing process downtime and increasing production uptime.

audit reporting

Our method of audit report to our customers is comprehensive including GPS notification of defect locations in larger process equipment. This allows for accurate future condition monitoring of equipment that has been identified as having faults. This is essential in very large-scale process equipment such as milk spray dryers.


Research is at the heart of our services to industry, ensuring that our clients provide their customers with total confidence in their products. We work in partnership with some of the best minds in science to achieve this including leading university academics and industry partners.



called to innovate

electronic detection of crack defects, quick, clean, accurate


real-time detection of industry-specific biofilm & bacteria


case study

14 meter milk spray dryer

Previously our French client experienced downtime of 10 days when testing and repairing their 14 meter diameter milk spray dryer.

This included scaffolding the interior of the dryer, testing it’s structural integrity using dye-penetrant  methods, making necessary repairs and the removal of the scaffold.

Eirscan was able to access the drying tower using its specialised platform, test it completely by electronic means, make necessary repairs, re-test and have the tower operational again within 48 hours.

This meant that our client not only had a thorough and complete test of the tower for internal and external audit purposes, but had a vastly reduced production downtime with significant associated cost savings.


cost savings in reduced production downtime






Eirscan test all scale of dairy-process equipment for defects that pose a significant bacterial risk; this includes cheese tables, silos and tanks, spray dryers, separators, cyclones, fluid beds.

soft drinks & beverages

Eirscan validate process equipment within the soft drinks industry including silos, blending tanks, filling and aseptic lines.


Eirscan test for industry-specific bacteria and biofilm to validate CIP procedures using its ClearLight system. We also locate crack-defects in process equipment that harbour bacteria using our Quickscan test system.

other food sectors

Eirscan test general food process equipment for crack defects where bacteria are known to proliferate. We also test for industry-specific biofilms to validate Clean In Place procedures.



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